Custom User Dashboard in Drupal

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Building Better User Administration

For this request the task was to add a customer-facing dashboard to an existing Drupal enterprise site. The goal of this dashboard was to allow users to manage their own accounts, increase customer/business communications, and simplify access and registration.

Key Requirements

  • Group users by company or organization
  • Restrict registrations to valid and/or approved customers
  • Implement badges and rewards
  • Notifications system for sharing information with users

Additional Features and Considerations

  • "Unlockable" gated content
  • Access logging and automated reporting
  • Analytics implementation

Build Process

For this build it was necessary to work within the confines of the client's enterprise systems. Due to size and exposure, it was necessary to develop the entirety of the project in a firwalled development portal for testing and legal review.

Custom Registrations

For registrations a passkey-based registration model was implemented where a valid key would be required to complete registration and to join an organization. Organizations would each receive a private key they could then share with their members for registration.


Badges (or custom flags) were added for particular achievements, such as completing a particular task, filling out additional registration information, or after reading through specific documentation. Additionally multi-level content gating was added allowing content to be "revealed" based on particular achievements or badges.

Widgetized Dashboard

The remainder of the build included building widgets for notifications, quick links, documentation and more. These were aded to a custom dashboard page for registred users, and changed based on organizationa availability, badges and achievements.